I think I’ve just come up with one last crazy fandom-wide craft project I want to do before the show ends next year. I just have to puzzle out the details before I ask if anyone wants a surprise in the mail.

Okay. I have two rough game plans for what I’m going to do, but the one I pick will depend, in part, on interest. So if you would be interested in receiving a random, surprise craft project sometime in the next year, just respond with a quick yes to this post. This isn’t an official sign-up; just a way to gauge interest.

(to prompt answers)?


Went to Ikea tonight with my sister primarily out of boredom, but I ended up buying a big vase and some of those weird stick things to put in the corner of my dining room where this random cable cord is. Sister and I brought the stuff back to my apartment, and attempted to put the stick bundle into the vase, only to realize there were more sticks than would fit in the vase.

What followed is what I can only describe as 30 minutes of hilarious stick arranging and laughing at how many sticks are left over. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them.